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Andrew Darling Law, P.A. was born out of a passion for service. Andrew Darling ran for Sheriff on a criminal justice reform platform and because of that he could no longer work at the Public Defenders office. His dedication to service meant that he had to open his own firm to continue that work. He has since represented more than 20 peaceful protesters throughout the state, pro bono.


Andrew Darling Law, P.A. has seen growth in several areas.  First Andrew’s biggest passion is representing the accused in court.  The criminal defense portion of his practice is the largest area of his practice and it continues to grow as the word spreads about the kind of service Andrew provides.  His service is matched by his ability to advocate for his clients.  Personal injury cases are not what Andrew started out to do but he has had multiple cases including car accidents and dog bite related work.  The second largest area in his practice is work to help individuals get their Driver’s License back.  Andrew has helped multiple people get their license back who had suspended licenses of more than 10 years and regularly assists drivers who are listed as Habitual Traffic Offenders get their license back.


The other main practice area for Andrew Darling Law, P.A. is helping the accused seal or expunge their records.  Working at Andrew Darling Law, P.A. has been more than I ever could have imagined.  Being my own boss and being able to choose the cases that I want to work has, thus far, been a great experience.  Clients have said that they have never seen an attorney provide this level of access or this level of care for their clients.  I take pride in that characterization.  The reality is that my dedication to service means that the service I provide is more important to me than just the revenue my business can generate.  Andrew and Andrew Darling Law, P.A. will continue to fight for their clients to achieve the best outcomes in their cases whether in the criminal or civil context.

Lameria Campbell


Lameria Campbell joins Andrew Darling Law as the Law Firm Administrator. She brings her multi-faceted background in professional administrative services. Lameria has a Bachelor of Science degree in Psychology from the University of Central Florida and is passionate about public service. Before joining Andrew Darling Law, P.A., she recently worked in local government assisting constituents and previously worked on a statewide gubernatorial campaign. She has the uncanny ability to lead people, oversee operations, create strategies, and support those who deliver results and thrive under pressure. When Lameria is not working, she enjoys being a dog mom, traveling, maintaining a fashion blog, and dancing the bachata in her free time.

Emma Stockman


Emma Stockman is a passion-driven worker who studied at the University of South Florida. She earned her AA degree in Psychology then transferred to the University of Florida, where she earned her Bachelor of Sciences degree in Criminology. During the summer of 2020, Emma volunteered for Andrew Darling Law, P.A., assisting in the pro bono representation of over 20 peaceful protesters during the Black Lives Matter movement. Following that internship, she joined the Andrew Darling for Sheriff campaign and reached out to voters to spread his message of criminal justice reform. Emma was the director of the Virtual Phone Bank for the campaign. Her passion for her community shines as she continues to advocate for real, measurable change.


“Andrew Darling has was caring and informative.  I was so stressed and when I when I went to him, Andrew assisted me every step of the way.  I highly recommend him.

Samuel S.


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