What We Do Auto Accidents that result in personal injury whether it was the driving or passenger. It does not matter who the driver was. Dog Bites are another area that we specialize in. Whether it was a small dog or a large breed. If you were bitten you need to reach [...]

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WHAT WE DO Full spectrum criminal defense work.  Adult and Juvenile defense. Felony, Misdemeanor, municipal ordinance violations, and traffic infraction defense.  This includes everything from First Degree Murder all the way down to ‘disorderly conduct’ or driving without a license.  We specialize in cases that involve law enforcement officers (LEOs) behaving badly.  [...]

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Special Education - Darling Law Special Education - Darling Law What We Do Specializes in cases that involve children who have special education needs. We help families by providing Professional Special Education Advocates and Attorneys depending on the needs of your family. These [...]

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